Our Story

Our Story

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Our story, by The Music Cable Company

Hand Crafted, Studio Quality, Road Ready Cables

Hello… just a few lines to introduce The Music Cable Company to you and let you know about our story, our products and goals.

Our aim when starting The Music Cable Company was very simple, we wanted to design and manufacture, in the UK, a range of attractive, high specification instrument cables and speaker cables for studio and live use that exhibit superior quality audio properties.  It was our desire to supply a quality product capable of enduring the rigours of the road. Reliability and longevity were our watchwords.  Instrument cables built in the UK and built to last.

Using knowledge and experience gained in theatre lighting and electronic manufacturing, in addition to many years working in the professional audio business (in partnership with companies such as Tanglewood Guitar Company, HK Audio, Hughes & Kettner, Fishman, Mission Kustom, Dunlop, Fret King, Danelectro and Supro), as well as (too many) decades as a semi pro musician, The Music Cable Company have put together a selection of products which we feel meets these goals.

Quality Hand Crafted Cables

Built To Order

Studio Quality – Road Ready

Premium Cable And Connectors

Make The Right Connection

Custom Builds And Quantities By Request

Lifetime Guarantee

Warranty and Aftercare Service

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What we do:

All products are handmade, built to order and tested in our UK workshop. We use only the best low capacitance/resistance premier cable and professional standard connector products.

All cable joints are hand soldered and where required, heat shrink sleeving is applied for the purposes of strain relief and additional bond strength. All cables are continuity tested and subjected to audio test analysis and capacitance test prior to shipment.

Our cables are offered with an optional hard wearing flex weave in various attractive colours and patterns to both protect your cable and help you stand out from the crowd.

We are so convinced that you will appreciate the quality and craftmanship that we have invested in our products that we offer a 14 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

In addition, we offer a full Five Year Product Warranty and Aftercare Service

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Product Overview:

Our team has created a range of products which we call our ‘Core’ range, this a range of instrument, patch, XLR and specialist cables, handmade to order in fixed lengths, sleeve and connector options which we feel will meet the needs of many of our customers. Should you wish alternative cable length or connector options we would be pleased to make these for you, just send us an email with your request (sales@themusiccablecompany.com) or via our contact page

The Core range has been developed over several months of technical specification studies, product trials and discussions. We have involved ‘focus groups’ of musicians with differing playing styles using diverse instruments and amplification to ensure we offer the best sounding cables available to help you make the right connection.


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The individual product pages detail more information on each range but to summarise our range includes:

Instrument Cables: Our instrument cables ‘CoreB’ and ‘CoreM’ are terminated with premium quality Neutrik nickel or Neutrik  goldtip/black connectors as standard, available in straight or right-angled variants. Protective weave options are available in this range.

Speaker Cables: Our speaker cables ‘CoreS’ are fitted with Rean ‘High Current’ Nickel Jacks or Neutrik ‘Speak on’ connectors. Protective weave options are available in this range.

Patch Cables: Our patch cables ‘CoreP’ are fitted with low-profile patch connectors. Cables are available in ‘S’ or ‘U’ configurations. Protective weave options are available in this range.

XLR: Our microphone cable ‘CoreX’ is terminated with one male and one female Neutrik XLR connector. Protective weave options are available on selected cables in this range.

TRS: Our ‘CoreTRS’ Stereo cable is terminated with one straight and one right angled Neutrik Stereo jack. Protective weave options are available in this range.

Specialist: A range of specialist cables for recording and PA applications ‘CoreST’. Please see the relevant product page for more details.

All instrument and speaker products have connectors which are soldered and tested, then thread locked and secured in place, with a quality heat shrink/strain relief in addition to the connector cable clamp to ensure a great connection.

Our patch cables, after testing, have connectors fitted which are thread locked. Due to the shorter cable lengths and the need for the cables to be flexible in use, a heat shrink shroud/strain relief may not be the best option, however, the internal cable grip provided by the connector will facilitate a firm hold to secure the cable in place.

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