Radio Six International has been keeping us company in the workshop this week.

Around the clock around the world …………….

This is our go live week at The Music Cable Company after what seems to have been many months of pre production planning, organising facilities and pre launch testing of the website.

The only thing that has kept us sane during long spells in the workshop has been a great internet radio station that we came upon by chance ‘RADIO SIX INTERNATIONAL’.

It is very much a lucky dip in that it plays random tunes and genres for most of the day (mostly without presenters or adverts). The big plus from a musicians point of view is that they give air time to unsigned and unknown artists. The station is run by Tony Currie a radio legend in his own lunchtime! Give it a try we would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Kobe Subramaniam QcM7 Gq95 Y Unsplash, Music Cable Co
Live Singer

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