The Exploited use CoreM and CoreB instrument cables on 2022-23 tour dates.

Stevie Campbell, guitarist with The Exploited, is currently on tour with the band in South America. Stevie has taken along some of our CoreM and CoreB instrument cables as well as some custom made patch leads for his pedal board.

Audience response at The Exploited gigs is always very enthusiastic. As you can see from the image below stage invasions are ‘the norm’ so Stevie has to be confident that his stage rig is up to the job. It has become something of a tradition for the band to invite audience members to join them on stage towards the end of each gig. Definitely not for those of a nervous disposition, we would say!

We are pleased to report our cables have survived the audience participation test!

The Exploited have been PUNK since the early 1980’s and are still going strong. They are touring extensively, from South America to Europe, over the coming months. Check out the tour dates here

Exploited 2, Music Cable Co
Stage invasion The Exploited South America

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